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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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in light of what the bottom line is wore voting to accept funding from the state. and concerning the comments that's been made around the second whereas clause i'm feeling that at this point, i will not be supporting it; however, because of the discussion we've just had it almost seems as if we should take this issue and have a further sophisticated further conversation about this issue but for me just accept the money from the state for this shelter >> okay. colleagues. any further discussion. we have supervisor cowen and
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supervisor jane kim has asked to defied the issues so let's talk about the first lines >> supervisor avalos. i >> supervisor breed. >> i. supervisor farrell >> i. >> supervisor mar. >> mary. supervisor yee. there are 10 i's and one no >> i'd like to make a motion to resend the vote. >> seconded by supervisor farrell that vote should be resented madam clerk, call the role again on line items.
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>> supervisor breed. >> i. supervisor chiu. >> i. >> supervisor farrell. >> i. >> supervisor kim. >> - on the second whereas clause roll call. >> (calling names) there are 7 i's and 4 notices.
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>> that amendment passes and on the final 3 further result clauses on page 2. madam clerk roll call >> oh, supervisor breed. we're still on the dividing up to amend and a yes on page 2 >> thanks. >> other comments supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos. i. >> supervisor chiu. i >> supervisor cowen. i >> supervisor jane kim. >> i. >> supervisor mar. >> i. >> supervisor weiner. >> supervisor yee. those pass and on the underlying
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discussion >> i did want to make some comments because of some concerns that have been expressed to my office about this particular item. the human services agency and other hope and city staff should will impaneled the community. the community concerns that have been expressed are valid and i respect their position and respect what sxhooen r supervisor cowen is being asked to do. i - we have a clear need for more shelter beds. and we are experiencing a disheartening wave of evictions. i've seen the statistics from the sheriff's department and people are ended up on the
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streets but especially now more than ever because there being a evicted. a huge number are african-american and they remain in the bayview and western edition where we have to provide support and services and provide save shelters. one of the concerns of many of the folks who from the homeless community has expressed concern about shelters. i want to make sure we don't move in a distribution and not provide a comprehensive approach to make sure those shelters are safe but the people being served are getting the services adequate from the homeless situation into a long-term more stable situation. homelessness is a citywide issue. i have an obligation to treat it
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accordingly and to do everything i can so i'll be sporting the item for the fund. again, i receptor being in a position but i can't turn down the grant. i expect that h s a and hope b will make this right. and more than that i expect there will be going on services and not when this grant runs out who's going to continue to work necessary to make sure this shelter does what it's supposed to do. i'm happy we have items to come back for more approvals two more for an opportunity to change the
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zoning of area which should have been done before this opportunity was presented to us in the first place. i want to make sure that between now and then before those items return to the members of the board there's expensive outreach done so the folks most implicated in the zoning requirement are reached out to a lot more aggressively. thank you and again i'll be supporting this item today >> supervisor campos. >> thank you. i'll be brief. i said the comments made by supervisor breed. i actually think there should be a larger discussion about deciding where to locate shelters. we can do a better job of gaem the community. i represent a district that has
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a number of homeless he shelters. i know anytime you're talking about adding a shelter there's push back and the way to deal with that is try to get people to understand what the concerns are and whether or not there's common ground. we went through that process in the expansion of an lgbt shelter the first ever it's kind lgbt friendly shelter in my district but we have to put this in context. i understand the concerns that supervisor cowen has raised and let's have a separate discussion about the process. we're talking about san francisco facing an affordability crisis. we've heard about the homeless
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people being pushed out. we know the number even if homeless is increasing. what are we as a city doing some of the actions that have been taken at the board of supervisors with respect to homelessness we we voted to kick homeless out of the parts it was 50 to 4 hundred people in golden gate loan that will be implicated. we're talking about expanding restrictions on many vehicles who are homeless are living in those vehicles. and so we're making is harder for homeless people to be out there. we're saying you can't be in our parks or vehicles. well, if we're saying you can't be here or there let's give them a place to be. let's create some shelter spaces
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so those people have a place to sleep. let's create a shelter to at least the people who are being moved out of their vehicles have a place to sleep. we can't prohibit people from being people and give them options. that's the problem that i see and i'm going to vote for this item today >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i think a lot of good points are being made about $1 million for another homeless shelter in our city. we don't have enough beds i get e-mails everyday to address homelessness. i have a a to commend hope and
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this is an initiative i've brought up what are the number of homeless beds in our shelters we have very, very few beds open for folks we send our hot teams out to. so if we're going to make a dent it's only exacerbated by rent prices in the city we need to expand our shelter system. i'm happy to vote for this i want to thank the department to really help the individuals out on the streets. i want to thank the folks at the board meetings i was moved by the testimony and i'm moved by mother jones sorry mother brown
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in the bay community. there's compassion and elegant compassion. especially in the southeast sector. i'm listening to the executive director talking about the people sleeping in their chairs and their legs are swollen. i'm expiated to see a sisters shelter coming to this neighborhood >> any final comments. madam clerk, call the roll on the resolution as amended >> sxhooefz. i >> supervisor breed. >> i supervisor campos. >> i. supervisor jane kim >> i. >> supervisor mar. >> i. >> supervisor tang.
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>> no. >> supervisor yee. there are 9 i's and two notices. the resolution is adapted >> (clapping). >> if i could ask folks again to remind people in the board chamber would don't express. if you could leave quietly i'd like to go to our accommodations. i want to start with supervisor campos. again, if i can ask folks to leave adequately we have a lot of business to conduct today. thank you >> supervisor wiener.
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>> thank you very much mr. president. before i - should we wait >> folks if i could ask folks please clear the chamber we have a lot of business today. >> and if we could ask the doors to the closed to hear from your colleagues.
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if we could ask folks inform please move in quickly to get to the business of this chamber. thank you supervisor weiner. >> thank you, mr. president. colleagues before i was had the honor of being elected to the board of supervisors i had the how were you of spending a decade say city attorney in the city attorney's office. i know that supervisor campos had a similar honor. the city attorney's office is the best office in the country. it's the collection of incredibly talented attorneys. it's just amazing.
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and i'm hoping we'll soon be send one of envy colleagues to the u.s. senate. and absolute high owe you clear is from our two folks who have been profoundly dedicated to attract the best talent and providing the best representation to the city and playing a challenging role dealing with 11 supervisors and mayor and department and the many pushes and pulls that they deal with on a daily basis. but long preceding me and supervisor campos and dennis herrera and preceding all of us is one of the really shining lights of the city attorney's
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office office. i had the honor of being a former colleague and as well as a neighbor and a constituent. buck joined the city attorney's office on june 17, 1970, that was when i was 5 weeks old. one of my colleagues was not born yet i'm one of the older members of the board. so many years of service. buck has taught and mentored generates of deputy city attorney's. how many people have learned about buck and it's hard to overstate that. buck recently was given two very, very prestige with regards on october 1st, he rested the international lawyers
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association award the lifetime achievement and october 11th from the california state bars public law sections he got the public award of the year. i can say buck is one of those unique people he first of all, hazed seen that all in 43 years has an great memory of what happened in 1975. when i call him up he'll probably asked about the same questions. as excited we get buck also has seen it all and had similar calls over the years from various supervisors he remains
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calm and gives great voices. he has evenly periodic he knowledge and i remember as deputy city attorney when i didn't want to do the research i called buck. one time i double-checked him and he was one hundred percent right. as a member of the board of supervisors i know i can also call buck and get phenomenal legal advice more than information. it's knowing what the answer is and knowing the pitfalls of what we're thinking about. so buck you're such a treasure not only for the city attorney's office but for the city of san
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francisco. sometimes when people are disparaged and people have stereotypes about what a public employee is when i look at you, you could have probably made an absolute fortune but instead, you devoted our life to san francisco. i know buck will be voting today on a resolution proclaiming buck day. i want to really give all the honors so thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor weiner. i want to thank supervisor weiner and our city attorney. i was thinking about amending
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supervisor weiners resolution to have your brain photocopied. as supervisor weiner amply pointed out we all know if there's one person who knows the answer it's likely to be you. you've helped us deal with legal matter and trained entire generations of public advocates in the country your truly a lawyers lawyer. from my staff and i, we want to thank you for what you've done. i'd like to acknowledge supervisor campos. >> i want to thank you and one question remains who came first, the charter or buck i'm not sure but it's hard to imagine the
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city attorney's office without buck. it's not arguably the best municipal law officials office in the country it's because of the caliber of the folks. you know, the fact you have people like vince who will soon be going to washington, d.c. and vince i'm happy to help out. but i want to say to buck is i really appreciate everything you've done. you understand the charter and the codes better than anyone and i know that perhaps as a former
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deputy attorney i know that when i hear advise from you it's as sound as it gets. i know that the city attorney's office will not be the same without you but i hope you continue to, you know, stay in touch. i think the entire building will not be the same without you. as a san franciscan i want to say god supposed to you >> supervisor avalos. >> wait buck isn't retiring is he. we'd be lost without him. buck congratulations on receiving this award. i started working in
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january 2005. if they want to give you an award for telling us what we can't do you've told me so many times but i'm a better legislator. and at one point you told me about the roderick dual and i checked it out so thank you for helping me with my history of san francisco >> before we hear from our lawyers lawyer i want to recognize our city attorney. >> thank you supervisor scott weiner for your kind words and from supervisor campos. after hearing supervisor campos
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rendition and admiration for bucky have to tell you i know why buck is the only member of the city attorney's office that supervisor campos hadn't had an argument with. thank you for your kind words. on behalf of role the other public servants the countless individuals who have had the pleasure of working with buck. i can't thank the members of this board enough for considering this resolution today. as many of you know, it's not a initially occurrence for this board to declare an honor reposer buck is the only one who
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will have received two honorary days. one was about 13 years ago on emphasis 30th anniversary. now i have another day in our honor buck in the tremendous recognition by a national and statewide organization. i can't imagine a more worthy individual than buck to get those awards and have the depiction of having two days in his honor. it's because of a unique individuals buck is. we've heard about the fact that he is the oracle in this building. hose the person is individuals turn to when they want to know the history and legality. when buck gives advise it is beyond reproach.
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and if someone doesn't agree when they know it's sound and based on the law and the facts. but that ignores that doesn't do justice of who buck is as a person. the person who speaks 7 languages. i thought i had him state your name for the record my son talked to him in mandrin and he speaks mandrin. that speaks about him he's the most humane and best mentor in public life than anyone can have. harvey said he's the one individual i know i wouldn't recommend eliminating his position (laughter) that's something he's not going
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to be recommended. buck thanks so much for the work but as a public sent in the city and county there's no better. supervisors i encourage you to vote for this resolution. i want to make an amendment saying buck is prevented from retiring because when he retires we'll all be worse off there's never obeying be another like buck >> so moved. with that buck >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'd like to thank supervisor weiner supervisor avalos, dennis and the rest of the board when i graduated from
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hart's in 1969 i collected at the law firm and didn't like the environment and heard about a job in the city attorney's office when i got the job i was so excited to work in this city i've load this city since a child envy grandparents and great, great grandparent were here. so i was so exfoliated about getting the job i didn't ask about the salary and 43 years later i'm happy to come to work. i reported yesterday reporting i entered a little change when the
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building was built in 18912 many of the decks still had the ink stains our office clerk still reported all our cases in big lernlz in handwriting and the ibm selected twoirp was just coming into the office. the space would have been built for 10 attorneys was built for 35 attorneys and one was an alderman and one female and all the rest white i've been fortunate i've had some great challenges and lewis


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